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Ian Dowson Blinds

Child Safety

All our blinds will be fitted with the safety of children in mind.

In recent years, parents have become more concerned with the control mechanisms and the risk they are to their children. Depending on what type of blind you have with us, the children's safety is imperative, so we would always install some kind of securing clip, cleat or bracket, to prevent any danger to your child.

Here are some examples of what can be used:

Cord Securing Clip

This can be mounted onto an adjacent wall, & secure the cord or chain so that the loop cannot be easily reached and there is no way the child can get wrapped round the control device.

Cord Cleat

This simple device is attached high onto an adjacent wall. The cord or chain can then be completely wound round it, out of the child's reach.

Safety Bracket

Ideal for Vertical blinds, the control cord & chain will be enclosed inside the wall mounted bracket, eliminating any hanging loops & keeping them out of the child's reach.

For further information, please contact us.

Child Window Blind Safety - Cord Securing Clip on Roller Blind