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Ian Dowson Blinds

Conservatory Blinds

Conservatories can be used for Sunday lunch with all the family, hosting a party, a room for the kids to have fun in or just a place to escape & relax. Conservatory blinds will provide shade & security with the minimum of effort for the maximum effect.

During the Spring & Summer, this room can be unbearable to be in without blinds, as the Sun makes it too hot, & too cold in the Autumn & Winter. The room is then wasted & not used. We will find the right blinds to suit your needs & make your conservatory a room you are able to use all year round.

Often people don't realise how much heat comes through the conservatory roof, again making it uncomfortable to be in there. We can provide a wide range of pleated blinds, which can be shaped to fit your windows.

Conservatory Blinds have unique qualities, which make them ideal:

Conservatory Blinds with Solar Protective Coating (SPC)

These fabrics have advanced solar & optical properties, that will filter light, reduce glare & help lower heat build up in your room.

Conservatory Blinds with Energy & Solar Protection (ESP)

This Black-out fabric can offer total protection against excessive sunlight.

Cellular Pleated Blinds

Our Cellular Pleated Blinds range, whose honeycombe design has the dual benefit of enhancing the insulation qualities of the blind & improving the privacy levels for you.

Pleated & Roller Blinds

We can also supply Pleated & Roller Blinds which can be fitted into each individual window, requiring no drilling & having no cord or chain controls at all. These are ideal if you have young children & have concerns about safety.

Child Safety

All conservatory blinds will be fitted with children's safety in mind. Please see our Child Safety page for further information.

Conservatory Door and Window Blinds
Conservatory Door and Window Blinds
Conservatory Door and Window Blinds