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Ian Dowson Blinds

Pleated Blinds

Pleated blinds look great in any room setting & can be manufactured into a variety of shapes & sizes. Pleated Blinds are particularly suitable for conservatories, where shaped skylight roof windows & side windows can be dressed with stylish fabrics that will help control the heat & glare in the Summer.

To maintain a consistent interior design theme throughout your home, some fabrics are available in pleated, vertical & roller blinds.

Some of the Pleated fabrics have unique qualities, which make them ideal, especially for Conservatories:

Pleated Blinds with Solar Protective Coating (SPC)

These fabrics have advanced solar & optical properties, that will filter light, reduce glare & help lower heat build up in your room.

Pleated Blinds with Energy & Solar Protection (ESP)

This Black-out fabric can offer total protection against excessive sunlight.

Cellular Pleated Blinds

A pleated blind with honeycombe design has the dual benefit of enhancing the insulation qualities of the blind & improving the privacy levels for you.

Whatever you choose

Pleated blinds offer you a great combination of performance & style, as well as giving you the control you require to create the perfect environment.

Child Safety

All pleated blinds will be fitted with children's safety in mind. Please see our Child Safety page for further information.

Pleated Blind in Modern Lounge Setting with Multiple Windows
Pleated Blind in Bathroom Window
Pleated Blind in Lounge Door Windows