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Ian Dowson Blinds

Roller Blinds

We have Roller Blinds wide range of eye-catching prints, tones & textures. There is a colour to suit every room & for rooms that need total light control & privacy, select from one of our black-out plain or design fabrics.

Roller Blinds will save you money, as they provide insulation to help reduce heat build up in the summer, & heat loss in the winter.

They are easy to use, being operated by a sidewinder control, or with a tension pull system.

The different fabrics can range from:

Black-out - providing complete privacy, whilst offering maximum solar protection

Translucent - Fabrics which gently filter & soften the light entering a room, whilst still retaining privacy from the outside.

Dim-out - offering high & low levels of light penetration, depending upon the fabric.

Some of these fabrics also have anti-bacterial & anti-fungal properties, which kill germs (including MRSA), & help prevent mold & mildew.

We can also offer a range of moisture resistant fabrics, ideal for the kitchen or bathroom. These fabrics can be wiped dry, should they get splashed, & wiped clean, for those of you with children!

To add a finishing touch to your new roller blind, choose from our distinctive selection of decorative scallops, braids, poles & eyelets.

Child Safety

All roller blinds will be fitted with children's safety in mind. Please see our Child Safety page for further information.

Roller Blind in Contemporary Lounge Windows
Roller Blind in Bedroom Window
Roller Blind in Bedroom Window