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Ian Dowson Blinds

Roof Blinds

Letting in natural light is fundamental to the quality of our lives & living environment. Roof blinds offer a great combination of letting in lots of daylight, a clear view, but also total darkness when you require a perfect night's sleep.

Each blind is made specifically for your window, so when they are attached, even with the window wide open, they will fit perfectly, with the fabric & controls hidden away. The blind will run up & down side channels, with no gaps so no light coming through when fully down.

Roof blinds come in a wide spectrum of colours & designs, in both roller & pleated, with a black-out range available to offer complete darkness in your room, when you want it.

Operating roof blinds is simple: Either just pull up & down with your hand or if the windows are in the roof & to high to reach, an operating pole can be provided.

Child Safety

All Roof blinds will be fitted with children's safety in mind. Please see our Child Safety page for further information.